How Water Can Help You Improve Your Focus


How Water Can Help You Improve Your Focus

Have you ever had days, where you just cannot think straight and even the easy tasks seem difficult? If you are not sure, here is an example. Have you gone to the grocery store recently and wandered up and down the aisles, looking for peanut butter and you just cannot find it? Then you figure what the heck and you ask a clerk, who leads you over to the peanut butter. You stand there and ask yourself, why you couldn’t find it when it’s in the exact same aisle for the last five years.

Chances are you are dehydrated and just don’t realize it. If you aren’t drinking enough water per day, to match what your body weight needs, then you are definitely dehydrated. A person who weights 125 lbs needs less water per day than someone who weighs 225 lbs. You hear statistics about 8 glasses of water per day but if you really want to drink the right amount to stay hydrated and focused, calculate what you personally need.

Here’s how to do that:

1. Get an accurate measure of what you weigh, by going to your doctor or anywhere that has large scales. GNC is a place where many people check their weight because as a supplement store, and it is helpful for people to calculate weight. Most GNC stores have large scales that measure weight and give a biorhythm ticket.

2. Once you have established your weight and we will use the example of a person who weighs 155 lbs…then multiply it by 67%. This will show you that you need 104 ounces of water. Just to show you the difference, look at someone who weighs 250 lbs. By calculating we can see that they need, 168 ounces of water.

3. We have calculated your average day. What happens if you are extremely stressed and your blood pressure is up? Or you do a vigorous half hour of exercise? Well in the case of stress, you need to boost that water intake because it will lower your blood pressure. For the exercise part, you are sweating out water, so you need to replace it. A good rule of thumb in both cases is to add 15 to 20 ounces of water to what you have calculated as your daily intake.

Now that you know water can help with focus, lowering blood pressure and stopping that brain fog, remember that even very mild dehydration can cause your mood to be negative. Keeping focus is hard when you are moody and annoying family and co-workers.

Do you want to really boost your focus with water and perhaps avoid some of the more serious brain issues? Of course, you do. Diseases like Alzheimer’s are thought to be caused by an abundance of aluminum in the brain. Aluminum is present in many of the everyday products you consume or use on your body. Check your deodorant to see if it contains aluminum.

Research has shown that drinking silicon-based mineral water, can help with Alzheimer’s risk. The silicon bonds with the aluminum particles in the brain and then carry them out into the bloodstream to be flushed away.

Many people are into reducing the amount of plastic they use, so you may want to buy glass bottles of mineral water. If that is outside your budget, then just invest one time on a good filtration system, that you can strain your water through. This will help remove impurities in the water and improve the flavor.

Also remember that if you hate drinking water, pep it up by adding something to it. There are many things you can do…add some berries/citrus or buy some powered greens to boost the health benefits. Clearly, you need to make sure that you get the proper amount of water per day, to stay hydrated and focused.

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