Hi, I'm Crystal and I can help you bring your life back under control.

If you’re reading this and feeling unhappy with your life, with your career or with your family situation – I understand, I have been there myself.

In fact, it’s because I was there that you’re even reading this now!

I felt deeply unhappy in myself and everything I did. I felt that I wasn’t good enough, that things were conspiring against me, that the right opportunities always passed me by and that life consistently dealt me a bad hand.

This took its toll on me, on my life, on my health, on my relationships – you name it!

I felt that I didn’t have control. That everything and everyone was either conspiring against me or was judging me.

It all came to a head when I had a serious health crisis. With it though came an epiphany – why am I waiting to be given control? This is my life; I’m going to take control!

And that’s exactly what I did. Through hard work, education and consistent effort I discovered how to make myself happy rather than relying on the outside world to do it for me.

I learned how to love myself, how to see the good in life rather than the bad and how those little victories I could make every day soon added up to a massive improvement in both my physical and psychological health.

So profound was this effect that I decided I wanted to dedicate my life to helping others in my situation to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

For the last ten years I have been a fully qualified mindfulness/wellness coach and meditation instructor. I have helped countless women to overcome their fears, doubts and self-imposed limitations and on to live the life they truly deserve to live.

Now I want to help you too!

I’m a:

  • Quantum Success Coaching Academy Graduate
  • Robbins-Madanes Coach Training Program Graduate
  • International Association of Wellness Professionals Member
  • Mastery of Mindfulness Mediation Teacher’s Training Graduate

I’ve been featured in the Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, The Detroit News & Free Press, The Oakland Press, The Macomb Daily and many more!

If you’re waiting for control of your life to be handed to you, you’ll be waiting a seriously long time.

I have helped hundreds of women overcome their life obstacles with mindfulness and meditation, will you be next?

I felt great participating in one of Crystal’s group programs. Taking care of your body provides many rewards besides weight loss including improving health, your appearance, well-being, sleep, energy, and reduced hunger/cravings.

The daily affirmations and meditation helped to keep me relaxed and focused. I created a trigger to avoid cravings or to help me resist eating foods not nourishing to me. I would press my thumb and index finger together and tell myself I do not want what I see, the mind proved to be a powerful tool. I lost weight, broke my habit of drinking pop, lost my craving for sugar, I had more energy even without drinking caffeine, and just felt better.
— Sandra P Metamora, Michigan

Control is there for you to take, the first step of the rest of your life is simple...