I Believe in the Power of Mindfulness.

my years of experience have given me the knowledge and wisdom

to provide you with the necessary tools to live a happier and healthier life.


Through our day to day lives it’s so easy to get bogged down in those minor but constant stresses that never seem to give you a break.

Your career, your family, your friends, bills, pets, home – they all demand your attention and can constantly chip away at your sense of self if you are not feeling emotionally strong.

Through my unique mindfulness and meditation sessions however, you can learn how to take back control of your life and start living for you again!

You will be happier and healthier, that radiance will extend on through your family and friends too; when you are naturally happy you will make others happy.

Learn how to analyze your emotional state to discover what exactly is causing you to feel discontented. Once you understand that, you can then begin your journey of recover to break those issues down into easily manageable chunks.

Before you know it those things that once made your palms sweat and teeth ache will be like water off a duck’s back as you go through life taking everything in stride.

I’m offering you unique emotional support and mindfulness sessions that are completely tailored to your individual needs – there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution!

Increase your;


A healthy mind and a healthy body both follow naturally. Learn how to take control.


Keep your emotions on an even keel. Learn how to manage life’s stresses and strains.


When you believe in yourself, people take notice. Share your newly discovered joy.


One-on-one guidance

Immerse yourself in the world of healthy and mindful living with one one one mentorship. This guidance is tailored specifically to your needs and gives you the most value

group guidance

If one-on-one mentorship isn't ideal, maybe you would benefit from one of our mindful living groups. Groups are amazing way to meet like minded peers and receive feedback and support.

going solo

I get it, maybe groups are too much to handle and you really don't want to do one-on-one guidance so we offer a variety of programs for you to download to use at your own pace.

Crystal helped me to realize that I wasn’t really focused on myself or my family. Once she brought specific things to my attention, we were able to create actionable items to help me stay focused and present in everything I do. I can’t say enough how grateful I am for the change. It brought be closer to my family.
— Sheila R. Warwick, Rhode Island
I was floundering in my life with no real purpose or direction. I kept trying different things (jobs, houses, etc), but nothing seemed to make me happy. Once I started working with Crystal, she helped me to focus on the things that were really important to me and by doing that I could see where I was really supposed to go and today I’m working at my dream job surrounded by loving friends and family. It was truly an amazing experience.
— Gudiya S Troy, Michigan


Hi, I'm Crystal and I have no doubt that I can help you.

If you are feeling like life is getting on top of you, that you can’t manage or that happiness is consistently evading you then all you need to do is contact me.

We can set up an individual or group session that is catered specifically to your needs and designed to fit seamlessly into your day.

Through deep understanding and exploration of your emotions and memories we will find what is causing your unhappiness and anxiety.

Once we have isolated the cause, it can be dealt with. You will have support through every single step of the way to ensure you are in a position to live a happy and healthy life.

Nothing will stop you, I guarantee it!